Virtual Employee Assistant

Personik talks to your employees in their natural language and helps to resolve their daily issues.

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Personik Features

Personik uses instant messengers to commuinicate with employees and integrates with the existing corporate infrastructure to perform tasks on behalf of the employees.

Natural Language

Personik understands employee's natural language. And not only English.


Personik can be configured according to customer needs.

Familiar Channels

Personik works in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and other messengers.


Works with cloud and on-premise corporate systems.

Typical Use Cases

Personik is flexible and configurable to adjust to pretty much any workplace-related process. Here are just a few most common examples.

Vacation Request

Manager approval, vacation record in the HRMS, Payroll system and employee's calendar.

Sick Leave

Sick leave policy validation, payroll system notification, personalized recommendations.

Tax Form Request

Forms are automatically retrieved from the payroll system or external provider.

Benefits Information

Text, or video content that explains employee benefits augmented by intelligent question answering.

Expense Report

Send personik a photo of the receipt and it will be entered into the payroll and accounting systems.

IT Request

Non-functional software, new hardware or lost password - all gets routed to the right system.


Quick surveys for all employees or specific audience.


On demand learning content delivery. LMS integration.

Our Integrations

Personik can be integrated with any of the corporate systems, both cloud and on premise. Here are the integrations that we ship with the product.

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