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Optimizing management by objectives using chatbots
Management by objectives is an effective tool which helps a company to develop within a unified strategy. When used skillfully, it increases productivity and employee motivation.

You can optimize management by objectives using chatbots, and in this article we will tell you how.

How to set goals?

Goal setting is an annual process in every company. There are various goal setting frameworks:


SMART: every goal should be specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time related


Objectives and Key Results: each result is measured by a percentage of its achievement. The main goal (an objective) is considered to be achieved if the key results success rate has reached 60-70%

undefinedGoals can be set using generic tools like Microsoft Excel or specialized ones (SAP SuccessFactors). These tools provide features for goal cascading from the top management to subdivision management, then to department management and employees. This creates a hierarchy of goals, and each employee (from top management to line employees) receives clear tasks that work directly towards the achievement of the company's strategic goals.
Let’s say one of the goals of an online store is to double the volume of product delivery, while maintaining a decent level of service.

The head of the delivery department controls the work of one hundred delivery men. The unit’s goal is to make 20 thousand deliveries. At the same time, the personal rating of each delivery man must be at least 4,7. The company has already provided the employees with tips for increasing personal rating and created a bonus system. Also, the goals can be adjusted throughout the year depending on external circumstances: for example, a pandemic has set in, and the minimum number of deliveries to achieve the goal has increased from 200 to 300.

Accordingly, the personal goal of each delivery person is to make at least 200 deliveries per month (with the pandemic — 300 deliveries), while keeping the personal rating at a high level.

Why is it important that all employees understand not only the personal goals, but also the goals of the company and the unit?

A lot of companies stop cascading goals at the executive level. As a result, linear employees aren’t familiar with the goals of the company and don’t understand how their work is connected to these goals. That’s why it is hard for them to be effective at their workplace and grow professionally. To avoid it, executives can personally talk to every employee, set and explain the goals, and collect feedback. It’s not hard to guess that it takes a lot of time.

Setting goals in digital format is more convenient. It helps to reach the largest number of employees and reduces the amount of routine work for managers. Still, it can be difficult for employees to monitor the process of achieving goals independently: they need to enter their indicators into the system and check them against the bigger goals.

At the same time, the employees who don’t have access to computers remain cut off from the process of setting and achieving goals. They don’t have the understanding of personal goals, team goals nor company goals. This reduces engagement, and therefore performance.
Say the delivery men don’t have tools to help them track their performance. They don’t fully understand how their work affects their division and the company, so they don’t feel like they’re a part of it. And even if they have an understanding of their goals, they may not have quick access to the tools helping to achieve those, like recommendations which help them to increase their personal rating. As a result, they make common mistakes when talking to customers and don’t know what to do to provide better service.

How do chatbots make management by objectives more effective?

The answer to this question is simple: the process of goal-setting and its achievement can be shifted to a chatbot script. Bots are easily integrated into the messenger one prefers and are always accessible to the employees. They can be a convenient channel of communication between the employees and their manager.

With the help of chatbots you can:
Remind employees of personal goals;
Help employees to set the goals on their own;
Spread the recommendations for achieving goals;
Collect the information about the progress of employees;
Collect feedback.
This way the managers will get rid of unnecessary routine, and employees will have quick access to all the necessary information.
With the help of the bot, delivery men can learn about personal goals, the goals of the division and the company; mark the number of deliveries and track their progress. At the same time, their manager will receive all the necessary information about the workflow. If the bot regularly collects feedback from delivery men, they also will be able to receive personalized recommendations to improve their work efficiency.

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