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Virtual assistant for
Gazprom Neft
Helped Gazprom Neft in digital transformation
Gazprom Neft is one of the largest oil producing companies not only in Russia, but also in the world. The enterprises provide a full range of work from geological exploration to the sale of finished products
in Russia and the world
in Russia in oil production
of employees
in Russia by 2019 rate*
*by HeadHunter version
Where did it start
In 2018 Gazprom Neft accepted the digital transformation strategy until 2030. This strategy affects every stage of work.

However, it was decided to digitize the recruitment and career counseling process as one of the first. The decision was not unfounded: Gazprom Neft has always been one of the largest employers in Russia, and by the end of 2019 it became the no. 1 employer by the HeadHunter version.
Difficulties and solution
Gazprom Neft unites more than 70 oil producing, refining and marketing enterprises. Each of them has an autonomous HR policy: companies have different specificities and HR needs, so it was difficult to find a single digital solution.
Personik platform was the answer to all inquiries from Gazprom Neft enterprises. We offer to communicate with employees in a well-known and understandable format — through messengers. We implement the necessary management tools in messengers using chatbots.

Messengers do not require special costs and equipment. All the company needs to do is to work out the interaction scenarios in accordance with its needs. Thus, employees will receive up-to-date information and the company will be able to control the communication process and collect feedback.
What we did
With the help of Personik platform we've created the Gazprom Neft virtual assistant, which works through the Telegram messenger and gathers three blocks of interaction with employees: preboarding, onboarding and career counseling.
New employees get connected to the chatbot before the start of their work. After authorization and initial acquaintance, the virtual assistant sends the employee a number of important materials: information about the company and the goals of a particular division, a description of the registration procedure and mandatory medical examination, as well as a reference book of terms and abbreviations used in Gazprom Neft.
To help a new employee, the chatbot offers an extensive information menu where important details of the company's life are described.
business, mission and strategy
addresses, how to get and where to dine
insurance, medical checkup, contacts and schedules of the clinics

Common questions
salary and salary cards, working schedule, dress code
Advice and recommendations
communication rules, remote work recommendations
acronyms and abbreviations, special terminology
Career counseling
The virtual assistant offers a range of digital services for career counseling: recommendations for building professional competencies, information about internal vacancies, self-tests for various positions and much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the functionality of the assistant has been expanded. With the help of our chatbot employees could receive information about the office working hours, as well as advice on the remote work.

Results and efficiency
Now the basic functionality of the chatbot is constantly developing, and new divisions of Gazprom neft are joining the project. The Personik platform not only helps to cope with common tasks of HR teams, but also offers solutions for specific problems. For example, the function of conducting online surveys made it possible to get an assessment of the virtual assistant from employees: the solution from Personik received 4,5 out of 5 points.

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