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What can
Personik do?

Employee management

Personik allows you to keep records of the employees without the integration with a personnel management system
• Add an employee to make the service available for them, remove when they've left the company

• Enter all the necessary information about your employees — hiring date, phone number, etc.

Organize employees by groups and tags — this will allow you to easily manage the service users

Convenient communication

Personik quickly delivers text messages, files and links
• Send messages to all users or target them using groups and tags. The information will be delivered to the employee's preferred messenger

• Schedule messages to send at a specific time

• Save messages as drafts for sending later

Business processes automation

Personik helps to deliver information to employees within your workflow — it can be recruitment, adaptation, career development, etc.
• Customize pre-set scenarios, or create your own

• Launch scenarios for all the users or just specified groups

Send notifications, polls and tasks to your employees and track their progress directly from the platform interface

Direct requests to the HR services

Using Personik, employees are able to request the information about payroll, vacation, sick leave and business trips via messenger
• View a list of new requests and answer them from the platform interface

• Archive processed requests

Knowledge base

With Personik you can create a corporate knowledge base, which is available to the employees 24/7
• Employees can as a question in their own, and the bot will provide a suitable response

• Use the existing knowledge base. We have already collected the questions that are frequently asked by the employees, and you just have to provide the right answers

Update the knowledge base with questions that are relevant to your company


Conduct instant employee polls via Personik
• Send questions and pre-set reactions

• Get instant feedback — the results of the poll will be available in a convenient format


Personik can collect the usage statistics
• Track the virtual assistant usage, frequent questions and the degree of user satisfaction with the chatbot responses

• Optimize the knowledge base using the statistics and improve user experience

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